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    Glow Enhanz, Equatorial Guinea

Glow Enhanz, Equatorial Guinea


Glow Enhanz, Equatorial Guinea @beautyequatorialguinea_com: Complete skin nutrient for radiant and glowing skin everyday

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Glow is available from Shim Clinic

Enhanz your glowing skin.

Glow Enhanz is a new innovation for nourishing skin from within. Apart from the complete skin nutrients in Glow formula, Glow Enhanz has two new additional ingredients . Gotu Kola and Coenzyme Q10. These 2 new ingredients can synergist with other ingredients to make skin more radiant and reduce dark spot or scare lesion.


Each Glow Enhanz capsule contains:
SKHNII ComplexTM820 mg
Consisting of
ProlideaTM (Marine Protein)100 mg
Horsetail Extract   71.43 mg
Providing Silica5 mg
Green Tea Extract50 mg
Gotu Kola Extract50 mg
Lemon Bioflavonoids50 mg
ColaskinTM (Hydrolyzed Collagen)30 mg
Vitamin C30 mg
LycopureTM25 mg
Providing Lycopene1.5 mg
Grape Seed Extract20 mg
   Carotene-MixTM (Mixed Carotenoids)15 mg
Pine Bark Extract10 mg
Natural Coenzyme Q1010 mg
Vitamin E7.5 IU


A dietary supplement consisting skin nutrients which may help improve the skin health, softness, suppleness and radiance.


1 capsule 1-2 times daily.

Glow is available from Shim Clinic

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